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Cape Town > Stellenbosch | Tel: 021 882 8375

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Situated at the heart of Stellenbosch in the Western Cape is the eclectic student watering hole known to locals and visitors alike simply as Bohemia. It was founded in February 2001 by an English tourist who got waylaid in South Africa, and has become the centre of attraction in the area. Sporting a very unique style of “bohemian” décor, with a different colour and pattern curtain at each window, original ”bohemian” paintings on the walls and with a variety of seating arrangements, Bohemia has become the icon of student life in Stellenbosch. Bohemia offers a varied student friendly menu with anything from pizza to burgers with a full liquor license. Bohemia caters for all tastes whether it is a quiet Sunday coffee or a raucous Wednesday night “kuier” or a live music night, so that you will never be disappointed.

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