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Aug 12

McDonalds, you lying scumbags!

Dear McDonalds,

Ah, my old friend and my arch nemesis. My best decision at night and my biggest regret in the morning, I knew this day would come, and it took surprisingly longer than I predicted, but something quite drastic occurred last night that requires your immediate attention.

Understand that I love your chicken. McChicken, McNugget, Premium & Cajun, you name it, and I love it. I know it’s not real chicken (I’ve seen the pictures, shh), but still, it does the trick, temporarily.

What I don’t love, however, is being fucked over.

McDonald’s, last night, you fucked me over.


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Apr 12

Behavioural Tips On Social Media Marketing

Over the past few years we’ve noticed some common Facebook and Online Marketing fails from event promoters, business owners as well as some of our users.

We’re sure you’ve seen these before, and we know that we’re not the only ones suffering from the nuisance that is the short list below.

Here are some tips to the uneducated ones that you see floating across the interweb 🙂

Didn't your mother teach you not to spam?

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Apr 12

The deteriorating appreciation for original electronic music.

I’ve been meaning to write this article for months, but have decided to take a step back in the hope that over time this issue would resolve itself.

Alas, it is now several months into 2012, and it seems that some of the best of South Africa’s electronic talent still goes by not only seemingly unnoticed, but also nearly crucified for failing to comply with the monotonous & commercial norm.

“Can’t you play something harder?” “This is too chilled, don’t you have some dubstep?” 

To the artists that are condemned to be underground whilst deserving the lead in the South Africa electronic movement – this article is for you.

Time to get educated.

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Mar 12

CTEMF Fringe Events!

The hype for Cape Town’s very own (and first of its kind) electronic music festival is intensifying, and with such you will find several Fringe events building up prior to the festival.

Warm up at some of these parties, and make sure you enter our currently running competition to win yourself some tickets!

More info after the jump

Cape Town Electronic Music Festival

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Mar 12

My salary for your parking bay

The parking situation and related costs are no foreign concepts to your average Cape Tonian; young professionals and recent graduates on their first job are imposed with the parking dilemma that could very possibly cost them a large portion of their exceptionally base salary.

This debate is even further heated up with the City Council current parking tender (being reviewed by the public during the month of March) that calls for after-hours parking control that will now too impose a cost in selected central areas of Cape Town.

A benefit to establishments at the despair of young workers, I review the current and proposed parking plans and contribute with a balanced suggestion of my own.

Source :

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Feb 12

Blowing one’s nose is forbidden at Steers

A group of us were prone to some bizarre customer service at Steers on Sunday, and it is due to such that i’ve sent them a letter.

It is these small things that puts the NoBucks team off places, yet we still enjoy mixing a little humour into our complaints.

Read the letter after the jump!

You Shall Not Blow Your Nose!

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Feb 12

The Friendzone – There’s a way out.

Bangkok Prison, A Soundscape event, Hell – these are all pretty horrible places to be in.

Yet, as shitty as these places are, they are inconsequential in contrast to your average male’s worst nightmare – The Friendzone.

Legends tell of men that have made it out of the dreadful zone alive with their dignity intact, yet only a select few will find their way out of the dark spiral that is woman’s logic.

Do you have what it takes to be a legend amongst legends?

Ain't that easy

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Dec 11

In America, specials make you loco!

Now, here at NoBucks, we often consider spreading our concept to international grounds, America included.

But seeing what goes down during Black Friday, an annual day event whereby all shops in the US throw crazy specials, we began to have our doubts.

Can the American people really handle the pure awesomeness of the services we offer?

Specials make you crazy – more after the jump!

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Dec 11

There’s too much MDMA in Cape Town

This article is one that is merely objective and critical, and is by no means a personal attack on any individual, group or place, and with such no names will be mentioned.

I have been ‘inspired’, for the lack of a better word, to write an article that regards the excessive drug usage in Cape Town, specifically focusing on MDMA and Cocaine. I have noticed this progression for the past several years, yet during my last few outings, I came to the following realisation:

A drug free outing has become the exception rather than the norm

Read more after the jump!


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Dec 11

Deadmau5 Press Conference

Following our recent article regarding Deadmau5 and our replies to some of his fans, found here, we were privililiged enough to score some seats at his press conference yesterday in Camps Bay

The man impressed us even further, with his quirky replies and genuine answers, telling us everything from how he makes his music to how he told Paris Hilton to chill the fuck out.

We also got to meet the Mau5, more after the jump!

Deadmau5 aka Joel Zimmerman

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