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The Story of NoBlog

Contrary to the name, this is actually a blog.But it’s not just any blog – it’s the spawn of the NoBucks team.

A year into the operations of, we’ve constantly done our best to look after our community. We’ve given you the specials that save you money daily. We’ve shown you the places that will keep your wallet intact. We’ve introduced you to others on the same boat as you, and we’ve done all of this every day, of every month, for the past year.

Now we give you NoBlog, an addition to the NoBucks revolution. Whilst will continue to give you the best specials and deals your city has to offer, NoBlog will do the same thing a bit differently 🙂

We’ll have competitions for events and products, so you can enjoy the concept of FREE shit. We’ll test out specials and places and review them so you know where to go. We’ve got other writers on-board, covering greater areas, more deals, more places, for less the bucks.

Consider NoBlog to be our portal to you, the community, the people that without their support, we wouldn’t be where we are now. Throw us your feedback, spread the word, join in on the NoBucks Revolution.

Viva la NoBlog.


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