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Special of the Day! – Mezze Platter and 2 glasses of wine for R90

Neighbourhood, the place with deals so nice we chose them twice! You may remember we did their wings and draught special earlier this week, well here is another of a similar vein. Enjoy a Mezze Platter and two glasses of wine for only R90. A perfect choice if you want to cuddle up in one of Neighbourhood‘s booths and watch that special someone lick humus of their fingers.

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The Mezze Platter consists of yummy goodies such as falafel, halloumi cheese, hummus, artichoke hearts, pita bread, tzatziki, dolmades and babaganoush… not to mention that it comes with two glasses of vino for only R90! Neighbourhood you have outdone yourselves again. There is a fooseball table in the back and bookshelves you will get lost in. Enjoy!


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