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Slice – More Than Just Another Pizza Joint

It isn’t hard to find pizza in Cape Town. But what about a place that makes damn good pizzas 24 hours a day, just when you need it most? A place that uses only homemade ingredients, and isn’t shy to use a lot of them. What if it this place served more than just awesome pizzas, but incredible milkshakes and smoothies?

You need look no further, for we found this legendary place. It’s new, its innovative, and it goes by the name of Slice.

All you need to know, specials to tickle your wallet and free pizzas for a lucky reader – after the jump!

Slice is a rather new offering for the Cape Town pizza lovers ; nested comfortably on Claremont’s main road, close to all the action but far from all the chaos, the conveniently small gem lured me in as I awkwardly walked past it. I think it was the idea of the ‘over-the-counter‘ pizza that got me excited. But before I could order, Ronaldo and Scotty, owners of Slice, didn’t hesitate to introduce me to the Slice concept and how it differs greatly from your average pizza joint.

“Don’t tell me, prove it “ – I said, without trying to sound arrogant. Clearly the two were up to the challenge, as they rushed back to the kitchen , ear-to-ear grins on their faces.

They start me off with their own Protein Shake, a specialty that during my time there I saw leaving the shop a few dozen times. Now, I’m not in much need for protein myself, for usually these shakes taste foul and remind me of the ‘gym days’, but holy crap, that was a fine shake to drink. The Peanut Power made Kauai look ridiculous, and at R35 for a 500ml dream, you get some serious bang for buck action.

But I didn’t come here for the shakes, and Ronaldo, seemingly reading my mind, walks up with these things they call Twisty Breads. No, I didn’t order them, but i’m glad they were now in front of me. Simple pastries with the right amount of herbs were now demanding my attention, but not before Ronaldo placed two bottles in front of me. The first? an insanely good home made chilli sauce. The second? his secret Italian recipe of a tomato sauce. The trick? mix the two together, dip your twisty, enjoy the orgasm in your mouth.

Scotty walks out with FOUR different slices of pizza now. At first glance, i’m already impressed. Not only were these slices surprisingly large, but rest assured that Slice doesn’t cut corners with their toppings (much like many other establishments). Each slice, without fail, comes with an abudance of toppings, placed perfectly by what seemed like an architectural pizza fairy. The freshness, the combinations, the aforementioned sauces – each slice went down amazingly well ; each bite sends you longing for the next.

Scotty, proud of his Slice.

Now,  they’ve accomplished their challenge, at least in my books. But no, they didn’t stop there. What happened next is something that i’ve been bragging about and longing for equally for quite some time now.

You know when you watch ’em american movies and tv series, often you’ll a takeaway pizza the size of Green Point circle? How bleak was I that I couldn’t find a similar experience here in Cape Town. A mega pizza to share with your friends during whatever occasion. Well, this came out next:

The one on the left is your 'average' 30cm pizza

Just another size comparison

It’s the biggest pizza I have yet to see, and is made with the same magic and love that their smaller versions come with.

Still unsure about Slice? Their biggest selling point is their ‘Build Your Own’ philosophy. Although they offer set pizzas and shakes, you could choose from a comprehensive selection of toppings and ingredients to build literally any pizza you could think of, and make any milkshake you can imagine. Time to get creative? I think so.

They also do free delivery and run a bunch of awesome specials on a permanent basis .

Click to enlarge menu

Click to enlarge menu

Competition time!

Comment below with what pizza YOU would build, however absurd, and you could win TWO JUMBO versions of it to share with your friends and brag about your creation to.

Make sure you like their fan page for more updates, brainstorming your pizza ideas and future competitions!

Slice Fan Page


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  1. bacon, banana, garlic and avo! plain and simple but perfection!

  2. I would build a pizza with avo, banana, chilli, pepperdews, bacon, and lots of cheese! mmmmmmm. =)

  3. Dude… This is the best news I have ever heard! Huge pizza ftw. Ok: Avo, salami, feta, olives… The hearts of my enemies! Balsamic onions.. Yeah.

  4. Bacon, chourico, chives, garlic, avo, caramelised onions, cherry tomatoes, peppadews and sun-dried tomatoes.

  5. After a long morning of struggling with Computicket for fuckin’ Lady Gaga tickets, I think I need something ultra tasty. Bigger than usual with extra topping and a bit of something special. A crispy Slice “Larger than Life” pizza, topped with grilled chicken, melted brie, balsamic onions, green peppers, salsa, guac, sour cream, pepperoni and extra, extra of only the finest cheese. Maybe I’ll add a little jalapeno Tabsco and Cranberry sauce on the side. Oh yeah! I could totally go for that right now. Some French-Mexican fushion love! Add a chocolate/strawberry twist shake and I’m good to go. Now you can’t tell me that doesn’t make your mouth water? 😉

  6. Simone Collins

    Bacon, banana, pineapple, chilli, peppadews, feta, camembert, red onion and a drizzle of sour cream!!

  7. Gorgonzola
    Roasted Garlic

  8. Simply because my friends are so diverse & already frequent Slice on the weekly, I’ve had to put a considerable amount of thought into this…to keep everyone happy but most of all – to impress them and our tummies!

    Gluetn free base smothered with chilli and garlic, topped with calamari, mussels & shrimp. Then add some brinjals, carmalised onions,mixed peppers & sundried tomatos for some tang! Add mozarella & feta and top with some basil and avo!

    Boyaa! I rate that’ll serve as a taste explosion which will satisfy everyone…with enough to go around! Wash all of that down with a round of those yummy bubblegum & lime milkshakes & we’re good to go! Yes, I am a vraat!

    • Gluten free bases? Seriously? Amazing! I think you should win the competition because you have now told me that they have gluten free bases and therefore you rock!

  9. Cyndy Stroebel

    Bacon, feta, avo, cream cheese, chilli and basil pesto!!

  10. A melted marshmellow and nutella pizza pleeeeease.

  11. Bacon, Feta, cheddar, Camembert, Cranberry jam 😀 oh hells yes please

  12. Charis Le Riche

    Peri Peri Chicken, Peppadews, Avo, Feta, Bacon and Basil Pesto!!! Yum Yum in my Tum Tum

  13. The vegi option…. Sundried tomatoes, avo, feta….. And if I’m feeling naughty(or hungover) anchovies baby! … Tried and tested. And me, I have more thank a SLICE at SLICE.

  14. mmmmhhh this has always been a dream of mine.. I’ve done something similar at home but always seems impossible at a proper pizza place, mainly due to the crazy cost and care that would go into it.

    as my motto in life is “variety is the best flavour”
    my pizza would have to have a different selection of toppings on each ‘Slice’.
    1- bacon avo feta and garlic
    2-chicken sweet chilli peppadews and bree
    3-capers anchovies and olives
    4-garlic feta and chilli
    5-salami olives and feta
    6-bacon banana and garlic
    7-margarita with extra salt
    8-nutella and banana for dessert

    mmmhhh if only… 😀

  15. no no no!

    Its gotta go:
    1) crispy base
    2) light covering of tomato chilli sauce
    3) creme fraiche and finely sliced spring onions
    4) crispy bacon and diced portabellini mushrooms
    5) a few green olives and sun dried tomatoes
    6) load on the mozzarella cheese

    You gonna freak out bro

  16. claire van der walt

    I have eaten at Slice and love love love the food and the shakes are unbeilevably good!
    try the vanilla shake with oreo and milo! a must at any time of day or night!
    My best combo on a pizza would be chilli’s, parma ham, avo, fresh baby tomatos and fresh rocket.

  17. Calley Hayward

    I’ve always wanted to put EVERYTHING on a pizza! I think after looking the menu and given the size of these monsters, it could be possible! Might leave off the calamari, mussels and anchovies though – or maybe not! lol

  18. I call this one… The Slice…

    We start it all off with a Cheesy Nacho base, of course.
    Throw on a little extra cheddar and mozzarella to get the cheeses flowing. The we slap that cheesy bad-boy with some bacon strips, now for some MORE bacon strips. And then we need to add some extra bacon. Now for some healthy ham, salami and a dash of spicy chicken. Excited yet? Pshhh. Some fresh chillaaays please. now we wrap it all up with avocado, jalapenos, mushrooms, olives and some pineapple…
    sprinkle with salt and pepper.

    Hey nobucks, please make my dream come true <3 🙂

  19. Parma ham, fresh tomatos, rocket, parmasan and garlic! 🙂

  20. Seared Tuna silthers, Wasabi mayo, Avo & Gherkin.
    ((BOOM)) Call it the “last Samari”

  21. I would build the BEST EVER 3 pizza’s with:
    1) Bolognaise mince/sauce, mozzarella, feta, garlic
    2) Chicken, Mayo, Pineapple, Feta, Mushrooms
    3) Bacon, Chicken, Olives, Green Pepper, Pineapple, Garlic

    can’t wait to try the creations from Slice!!

  22. Roast butternut, feta and rocket… best combo ever. YUM!

  23. My ideal pizza:
    extra cheddar
    extra mozzerella
    roasted garlic

  24. Congrats to Nici Clifton! You win TWO JUMBO pizzas of any of your creations at Slice 24!

    You’ll be contacted soon with the details!

    Thank you all for sharing your ideas, and feel free to still try out your creations any day of the week!

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