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Competition // We Like Bass Feat. Jack Parow & More!

Zula , in association with We Like Bass, will be throwing a pretty nifty party this Saturday, feat the likes of zef rapper Jack Parow and the superstar from Gazelle, DJ Invizible

We’re giving away one set of exclusive backstage passes,allowing you to meet the arists, as well as two more general double tickets!

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ZULA SOUND BAR : 9pm – 4am

Zula sound bar and WE like BASS team-up to present a night of the musical collaboration. The event features two floors, the upstagehosted by Zula headlined by Zef Romantic Afrikaans Superstar Repper JACK PAROW.

The downstage floor hosted by WE like BASS. With the Tankwa soil from AfrikaBurn dusted off our CDJs and subwoofers, we present for our first after-burn event. The lineup glitters with a revolutionary performance by DJ INVIZABLE best known for his production work with Gazelle.


Rosemary Towns End


FunToy Pierre -Estienne
wwwiT FEB B2B TheBanktella
Honey B

Competition Time

To stand a chance of winning the backstage double ticket, comment below with what you’ll do to Jack Parow once you’re backstage with him.

The other 2 sets of double tickets we’ll be giving on our twitter account. Simply follow @NoBucks and RT our competition tweet!

Winners announced on Saturday morning!


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  1. marcel derman

    i would take a legend mate of mine with me to meet him in person, since it is his 21st birthday, and we have both been through so much in our lives together. when we meet jack and the others i would get us a double brandy and coke and reminice on the past RAMfests where my friend and i first got introduced to him. after that we would proceed on having the sickest phatest zef jol ever making sure that we only wake up on monday morning after recovering the whole of sunday!!!!

  2. Charis Le Riche

    I will steal his drink and his ridiculous hat. I shal then run amok in Zula Bar before collapsing and being dragged into my cab and sent home. It’ll be awesome. Just wait and see

  3. I will shake his hand and say – legend!

  4. Ok so as i am Jack Parows BIGGEST fan i will tell him how fokken amazing his muic is!!!!! I will have to try act cool as this is a dream of mine!! I will tell him that iv met him before and that i would love to get his autograph this time 🙂 aaaand of course a photo, to make my friends jealous 😉 Also that we can take a shot together!!! I have been waiting for this day my whole life, so i hope i win these tickets, this will definatley make my YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  5. Ok so where do i begin??? So i Am Jack Parows BIGGEST fan, i will go up to him and tell him what amazing music he makes :)!!!! I would have to try very hard not to make a fool of myself, as i would be nervous, but super ampt!!!! I will tell him i have met him before and this time i would like an autograph 🙂 i will also tell him that we must go have a shot!!!!!! I would also LOVE it if i could get a photo with him to make my friends super jealous 😉 This would make my YEAR and be one of the best nights of my LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope i win this :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  6. Charis Le Riche wins the set of backstage double tickets!

    Our Twitter winners (each winning a double general ticket):

    Katherine Brookes @katherinebrks
    Siam Mari @siam_mari

    Your names will be on the list!

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