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The Friendzone – There’s a way out.

Bangkok Prison, A Soundscape event, Hell – these are all pretty horrible places to be in.

Yet, as shitty as these places are, they are inconsequential in contrast to your average male’s worst nightmare – The Friendzone.

Legends tell of men that have made it out of the dreadful zone alive with their dignity intact, yet only a select few will find their way out of the dark spiral that is woman’s logic.

Do you have what it takes to be a legend amongst legends?

Ain't that easy

For the unacquainted, The Friendzone is the social irony whereby a male becomes a female’s close friend, unintentionally, by attempting to portray exemplary characteristics in the hope of justly seducing her, depriving him from all future sexual endeavours with mentioned female.

Simply put, it makes no fucking sense. The flaw of women’s logic revolves around the desire for someone with a higher moral standing and commendable behavioural traits, as opposed to other ‘asshole guys’ the women always seems to attract, followed by a excruciating dismissal into The Friendzone.

Open your eyes ladies

The common understanding of The Friendzone is fairly simple too: Once in, Never Out. If you have triggered the seemingly irreversible trap into this forsaken zone, you will now be eternally perceived by the dungeon keeper as the ‘nice guy in the bag’. She has your balls and feelings in her grasp and you will remain somewhat obedient to such for you hold on to a string of false hope that things may change in the future and that she’ll finally see you in a different light.

Avoid being in denial

It’s time to get your balls back, and get the fuck outta The Friendzone.

Operation Fuckzone:

Step 1: Become The Alpha Male.
All girls get attracted to a jealousy-infused unavailability, so use your skills on other women to prove to the dungeon keeper that you are a force to be reckoned with. Once she sees that there is another side to you, one that she was previously blind to, she will question her initial motives with you.

Step 2: Moderate how much you attention you give to her.
If giving her a 100% of your best being resulted in your fall into The Friendzone, slowly diminish that figure. Less attention, compliments and friendly behaviour will inevitably make her aware of your value to her and she will sooner or later long for it.

Step 3: Become the Dungeon Keeper.
If the above was carried out successfully, her overwhelming jealousy and new gaps in her life will lead her to chase you and give herself to you, sexually and otherwise.

Step 4: Put her in The Friendzone; play in it at own convenience.

My job here is done

 If this works for you, or you have your own working methods, please share your experiences for others to learn.

Let no more men fall into The Friendzone. One For All, All For One.

Written by Adam Lifshitz



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  1. Lol Fuccy shit boys! Check the pic i tweeted with the link

  2. Instead of finding the right woman for you become the right man women want to be with, the rest will follow.

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