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Leap Year Labyrinth Celebration At Trinity!

This Wednesday marks a special night for a few reasons:

1. Labyrinth returns with the likes of Broken Toy, Headroom, Dean Fuel and more
2. It’s the 29th of Feb, a night you can only party on ever so rarely.
3. It’s Dean Fuel’s birthday!

We’re giving away several tickets, after the jump!

Click for facebook event

Wednesday Night @
Trinity Cape Town
29 February 2011

+ DEAN FUEL’s 8th LEAP YEAR BIRTHDAY!!! Come celebrate ;)


:: DJ’s ::



We’re giving away a set of double VIP tickets and 2 more sets of double general tickets!

Entering is easy, answer the following question:

“If you are born on the 29th of Feb, should you only celebrate your birthday on a leap year?” Get creative, best three answers win :)


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  1. Sean Baxter Thomson

    So I think you’re allowed a bit of cake on Feb 28 or March 1, but as for partying… only on your birthday… keep it special!

    Born on a day that exists only once every 4 years… claim it! Can you imagine having your 21st party at the age of only 5

    But birthday or not, the 29th of Feb should always be celebrated… so NoBucks, help me out with a ticket so I can enjoy that extra day

  2. If you’re born on a leap year, you are one of the few lucky ones who can decide whether you want to be a kid or an adult! Whatever the age though, I think that someone born on a leap year should definitely celebrate their birthday every year either on the 28th of February or the 1st of March, because EVERYONE deserves to have a birthday to celebrate every single year…and even though you don’t need one, it’s just another excuse to party ;)

    With the help of Nobucks, I will hopefully be able to celebrate Dean Fuel’s leap year birthday along with my good friends, amazing psytrance and irie vibes! Help me out :P

    One love x

  3. Dominique Rollino

    you should celebrate it on both the 28th and the 1st for a normal year because you’re special and then on a leap year you get three days of completely guilt free partying that people have to respect and join in on…because you’re special:)

  4. Everyone should get to a celebrate their birthdays every year! But for those born on the 29th of Feb should definitely prepare for a Huge Party when their day comes around! “It’s my leap year birthday guys!” No one would miss that if it only comes once every 4 years!!
    Never been on a trance night out on the 29th of Feb, so im sure this Labyrinth is going to be amazing!!

  5. The purpose of the leap year is to align the the calendar with the astronomical year. With out such an event the time would have no meaning and thus we would float through time with no clear track record. This special event grants the selected few the privilege to be the keepers of time. A party on any other day to celebrate their birthday would just not have the same impact. So in celebration of such an event the these party goers should have the opportunity, nay the honor to be treated like immortals. Swing from the rafter, scream at the moon and be dowsed with the emphatic sounds of broken toy. But not to be selfish, a drink or 2 on the 28th for the other three years, well the anticipation grows for the next leap year is ok.

  6. ANo.
    Celebrate your birthday every year.. Because whether or not its a leap year you still become a year older. And you’re actually unfortunate to only really be 8years old after 24 years of living, Ha.

    And then when the lovely leap year comes around make it special.. Its a rare day, do something spontaneous & fun… make it count :)

  7. Calley Hayward – Double VIP tickets
    Ashley Blake & Christine Meredith – Double General Tickets EACH!

    See y’all tonight :)

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