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Love, Light and utter happiness :)

Simply put, Love & Light was short & sweet (defined albeit differently than your usual interpretation) ; being a day party that progressed into the first hours of the evening, it boosted a different experience for us all.

 Nonetheless, it was an experience worth partaking in, and yet another remarkable party is added to the books.

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By Scott Rennie

Let me begin by saying that Love & Light, great as it was, had a little confusing time clock element to it. Going to a party during the day and having to return home when the night is still young was something that I have yet to experience, and produced a jet lag feeling of sorts thereafter.

Yet the hours spent at the new magical venue, that was now only half the distance away than the previous Love & Night, were hours that will always be cherished.

It was a scorcher of a day, a factor that usually worries me and poses a test for event organisers as to how to counter the yellow ball’s powers and create a comfort zone for the party goers. Allow me to congratulate the team upfront, for the fully enclosed marquee dancefloor provided a wholesome shaded area for us all.

By Scott Rennie

By Scott Rennie

The music flowed with perfect progression (and it was the progressive element for which we came for), seeing smooth transition and flawless climaxing between the different sets. I’ve began the climb to my element with the deep grooves of Gandalf, warming up efficiently for the main attraction to many by the name of Neelix.

Now, I was fortunate enough to see Neelix last year and was excited to see his act once again, yet with slightly less excitement than those that surrounded me. Soon as he appeared on stage, the crowd became louder than the sound system. Energized shouts of the ‘progressive god’ filled the dance floor as he dropped his first track in an earthquakey manner, and the crowd (myself included) joined in a unity jam.


However, other than a few popular tracks, I didn’t find Neelix set that all exciting. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen him before and didn’t notice much of a difference, or maybe it was due to the slightly over-the-top hype prior to the event. Maybe it’s because unlike the rest, I was more eager to hear the sound of Symphonix. 

So after a brilliant set by Connecto (seriously becoming a favourite of mine), Symphonix took the stage and showed us all that he was here for one reason only :

To Dominate.

Here came an insanely talented man with incontestable energy that delivered wave after wave of pure progressive bliss ; moreover, it had more power to it, more volume and more epicness (for a lack of a better word) than any other DJ on that line up. He did what he came here to do, as expected, and he did so fucking well.

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Things mellowed nicely with an ending set by Ivan Turanjanin and left us all wanting more. Alas, it was time to leave, yet Love & Light, aware of the aforementioned ‘jet lag syndrome’, provided us with a free after party at Trinity, allowing us to spend whatever energy we had left on some more fine acts of the scene.

I, on the other hand, undertook yet another adventure to the land of MMD (click here for that story).

Overall, an incredible enjoyable party, from the people that attended (a massive family of sorts), to the music, to the brilliant organisation and for delivering what was expected. Kudos to all involved parties 🙂

Words by Adam Lifshitz
Photos by Scott Rennie 



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