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Cafe Mojito – A burger haven

‘Jackpot!’, ‘Winner winner chicken dinner!’, ‘Score!‘ – although mostly said upon winning some gambling game, these define the feeling I get when I find a new establishment that is worth boasting about.

Cafe Mojito is one of those establishments, providing an experience that is epic in all critical aspects.

So spare five minutes of your time to find out why (and drool at some pictures) 🙂

Get in my face, now.

Cafe Mojito is an establishment sitting comfortably on the street which is Long, yet goes hand in hand with the saying that dynamites come in small packages. Before I even get to the food and deals involved, the info that you are so eagerly waiting for now, I would like to share with you a thought.

Now i’m not sure if its due to my mind wondering places from time to time, or whether I choose to add in a little more value to my dining experience, but I often do the following when I get to a new place (yet only rarely succeed in convincing myself  it to be true). You walk into an authentic restaurant with a decor that will match any South American homey restaurant. Upon taking your seat and immersing yourself in the surrounding, authentic South American music, art and photography, you get this feeling that you are no longer in South Africa. Instead, and the dire recent heat wave of Cape Town contributed to such, you feel as if you are in fact in some little Mexican or Brazilian joint, sipping on cold beers, awaiting your feast.

That feeling simply adds so much more value and character to a place, that even prior to being served, you already find yourself to be quite impressed. With the setting now intact, the friendly & competent staff take our orders and deliver our food in a timely manner. What food you ask? Well, i’ve always heard of Cafe Mojito’s famous burgers, and the following deal drew to me to get test them out for myself:

Every Wednesday, for the WHOLE day, all burgers are 2-for-1. In monetary terms, this means that you’ll pay roughly R50-R65 for 2 burgers!

But these are not just any burgers ; no no, these are works of art. Delivered with abundance of various toppings, many of which deliver a spicy kick that adds to the previously mentioned feeling of being in another world, and accompanied by perfectly crisp onion rings and chips. Now, i’m sure many of you know of the ‘Dillusional Photography Syndrome’ that is the essence of McDonalds, KFC and other fast-food places marketing stragetigies, whereby the actual product is no where near its mouth-drooling adveristment ; well, look at the above picture, by Cafe Mojito, and compare it to the one I took below (with my shitty blackberry) of the legendary burgers that were placed in front of me:

Pretty close eh?

I’m sure you don’t require any more convincing 🙂

Oh wait, what’s that? Oh right, it’s Wednesday today – See you guys there 🙂

Words by Adam Lifshitz


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  1. Awesome! Thanks for this 🙂 Please share other specials!

  2. Thanx, their address and a link to the website would also help. 🙂

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