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MCQP – NoBucks Style

We’ve always heard about the Mother City Queer Project, yet we were never overly eager to give it a go

Alas, this weekend, we thought we’d give it a bash ; you know, to see what all the fuss is about.

We stumbled out in the early hours of the morning with a dominant verdict:

Hands down, MCQP is one of Cape Town’s best productions and parties

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I’ve always been weary of events at the CTICC, due to previous experiences and stories that flood the Cape. Although a substantially sized venue, it is often prone to various implications, such as sound issues, expensive and slow bars, minimal bathroom facilities and the likes.

It takes a hell of a lot of effort to transform the CTICC into something that is both enjoyable and functional, and I can say with utmost certainty that the team behind MCQP achieved so with flying colours.

Unlike past events, within only seconds of entering the fesitivities I was immediately taken aback by the production level of the event. An abundance of diversified decorations and props, all within the ‘Maid in China‘ theme, were found everywhere you went. The staff handled the masses with ease, ensuring that the queues went by swiftly, canceling out the worry of many. As I walked through the main entrance to the indoor halls of the CTICC, I felt as if I was at a festival of sorts. The first hall was filled with activities, sponsored bars, lounge benches, chill out areas and a collective of ornaments ; a wonderland of sorts.

Got enough decor?

Main Portal

Smoking Lounge

From this main portal, you were able to choose your paths of the night. The different stages, catering for all styles of music, all lay in the close proximity. The idea that each stage was decorated, managed and boosted differently had provided a sense of 9 different parties. Amazingly enough, the sound, although impeccable in each respective stage, never collided with one another, successfully achieving the isolation factor. Yet another concern cancelled.

Now let’s talk about the people. There is a thing about dress up parties that seems to be applicable to most events ; often the theme would be cool and creative, but when crunch time comes, only a select few will go all out and dress up properly. This was not the case at MCQP. On the contrary, you stood out if you dressed casually. Majority of the attendees went through tremendous effort to transform themselves using extravagant outfits of extreme nature, whilst others went with ‘the less clothes the better‘ mentality. Either way, this was not for the faint hearted, and it brought a unique breath of life to the party.

Music wise, you were treated to by some key local acts of all genres of music. A tech floor, a trance haven, a live band stage, a room for dubstep & electro and a heartFM hall were few of the dancefloors, each filled (but not uncomfortably) with party goers from all over the country.

Trance Floor

Another stage...

The party continued until the early hours of the morning, beyond any other possible outing of the night, and the majority of us all stayed until such times.

I mean, when you are at one of the best parties in Cape Town, what reason do you have to leave?

We would like to personally thank all those involved in making this magical event go down, and we will most definitely see you next year for round 2.

“Those queers know how to party”

Many groups dressed as teams

Adam Lifshitz

All photos and more by Simon Deevz!


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