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Homegrown is going back to Old School – Tickets time!

This coming Saturday, Homegrown is going Old School, with a solid collaboration of your favourite Drum & Bass masters.

We have FOUR tickets up for grabs – details after the jump!

Click for the facebook event

Date: Sat 2 July

Place: Mercury Live

Line up:

A33 (Alon)
Magna Karta


Four tickets, 4 winners, three steps:

1. Like this post and the NoBucks fanpage

2. Click attending on the Homegrown Facebook Event

3. Comment here with your full name

Winners announced on Saturday!


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  1. Drop BASS not bombs!!>>>> iv never been to mecury.. only livin in CT for 2 months mow… i used to kick it with the Science Frikshun MASSIVE!! in JHB…. would love to come put them good things iv heard to the test……. pleas gimme them tickets.. hahaha peace!!!

  2. NoBucks you never fail to disappoint, once again blessing us with the chance to win tickets to HOMEGROWN Old School. I have not been to mercury, nevermind Homegrown in about 3 months, making my debut this Saturday would be awesome! The sounds on DNB are always welcome to my ears, come on NoBucks, lets do this the right way!! :)

    See you Saturday!! :)

  3. me me me! I, dan van niekerk am a loyal fan and must get tickets!

  4. Drum and bass is the visceral monster that moves every part of me. Old Skool drum and bass? 1994 – that’s when I fell in love with those monstrous beats and cavernous basslines. Old Skool enough? Take me back to those days, let me win those tickets. Please :)

  5. Sorry man.. just wanna inform you guys to not pick me… i wont be able to make it… so please give them much wanted tickets to someone who can take full advantage … thanks…

  6. Enzo … Where’s all the dnb raverz at bring the basss!!

  7. Maike Schulze

    I would absolutely LOVE TO WIN tickets to Homegrown as I haven’t been able to go in AAGES and I’m in desperate need of a SERIOUS drum ‘n bass stomping session!!
    Vote Maike Schulze for Homegrown president :) Yes please!! Let’s rock it!

  8. Never too late to comment. First Homegrown of the year, been way to busy with other things. Always a good jam, plus if I win I won’t have to show ID at the door seeing as I lost it months ago. Check you there.

  9. Olivia Edwards

    Soo, I’m guessing I should insert in something amusing here to make you smile and make your day better or something. However at present the only thing I can think of that you may find amusing is this: or maybe that will just annoy you. Anyhow, I would love to have those tickets because we all know merc pretty much guarantees a good night and I like good nights.

  10. Congratulations to the following winners, your names will be placed on the list tonight under NoBucks:

    Olivia Edwards
    Nathan Blows
    Ian Conchar
    Maike Schulze

  11. Maike Schulze

    AWESOME! Thanks so much :D

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