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Tickets & Bartab to guerrillaTactics round 3!

Our friends behind guerrillaTactics are back with another little debauchery at Fiction

We dig their vibe, for it is very much in the NoBucks spirit

Cheap drinks, cheap entry, varied line-up – it’s all good πŸ™‚

We have a little hamper to give away after the jump!

Click for the facebook event!

Let’s get just get straight to the important deets:

Friday the 13th πŸ™‚


Musical conductors:



Battle Beyond the Stars


2-for-1 drinks until 11pm ; only R10 entry before 11 with a student card. That’s how NoBucks rolls !


We’ve got one hamper consisting of a guestlist for yourself and 2 friends, as well as a R100 bar tab to share!

How to win?

Comment here (using your full name) and answer this question. “I have a R100 at a bar, and I need to spend it all in one go. What do I buy?” (remember that drinks are 2-for-1, so mix it up a little πŸ™‚ )

Of course, inviting your friends to our fanpage and the guerrillaTactics event page will shoot your chances up. More sharing, more caring πŸ™‚

Also, check out these rad flyers for their party:




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  1. Tim Dub Mitchell

    On arrival to Long Street, me and my two colleagues are strapped for cash and feeling rather thirsty. On any other night, this would totally harsh our mellow, but not tonight! We got into Fiction for free, all thanks to NoBucks and splashed out at the bar with our handy bar tab.

    Drinks order:
    1 Jaegar Bomb
    1 Tequila
    1 Potency
    1 Black Label
    1 Hunters Dry
    1 Mainstay

    But only after ordering did we realise that it was buy 1 get 1 free. So the remaining drinks were charitably shared amongst the fellow party-goers as well as a Beer for the bartender.

  2. nkathuto gallant

    fiction is a place thats packed nicely, where people vibe off each other and the unforgettable beats driving us totally bonkers. then theres that moment where you natural high is beginning to dim low even though you still want to jam until they close shop for the night, and at this point i would go ot bar and make a solid order.

    2 black label: quenching the thirst and well also drinking the best beer
    2 tequila: putting a little zing in my next step
    vodka & cream soda: the sweet drink
    single jack daniels: well i just need to pimp things up

    and yes, this order includes the 2 for 1 specail because studying architecture takes alot of one self that every once in a while we all just need to get a little bonkers
    i would share this with my fellow people, with all the people who are also so stressed out with me during this hard week. we need a break to survive the world.

    well now all i need is your help to make this dream come true

  3. Congrats to Nkathuto Gallant – you won the hamper! πŸ™‚

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