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Nobucks Gets Down at Dizzys

The Nobucks Party

This past Saturday , Dizzys in Camps Bay was transformed into NoBucks heaven. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about , or missed out , heres what went down:

-Drinks & Pizza specials that even your alcoholic grandmother would be pleased about
-R200 Treasure hunt ( we hid a R200 note somewhere in dizzys , your if you find it)
-Killer lighting and Sound
-Nobucks Visuals By Dj Simpel

All this , FREE. No cover. EVER.

Read about the crazy kids that pulled through after the jump>

The party kicked off at 9pm, with early party goers already taking full advantage of the pizza specials . Fokken Prawn held the decks for the early set while NoBucks party people filtered in. Dizzys aint the biggest bar/club in Cape Town, but luckily the nobucks team cleared all the tables out , making a killer jamming area (and didnt feel too crowded) .

Blitzkrieg gets it going

Blitzkrieg played an awesome set next, getting everybody into the swing of things (the Double Vodka & Monster special helped too) .

Double Vodka Monster - Yiiirp, specials be crazy

During Blitzkrieg’s set, an announcement was made. ” There are 200 , 200 rand notes hidden all over Dizzys (fake of course) 1 of them is real , and 4 of them have free bottles of spirits on the back. Finders Keepers.”  This set the party off on a Treasure Hunt Rampage. Congratulations to those who found ’em.

He thought he'd won

Then Mix and Blend hit the stage – and man, i don’t think Dizzys has EVER been that fun. Party goers enjoying of of Cape Town’s premium acts for FREE. The duo rocked the house , everybody was movin’ and groovin’ to the EPIC set by Mix ‘n Blend. From dubstep, to drum and bass , to swing and even the bear necessities . I think you’d be hard pressed to find a more versatile duo than Mix ‘n Blend. Great one chaps!

Get down to Mix 'n Blend

Dizzys will never be the same

After the Crazy Set , LG Fritz took over . And I really dig his style! He kept the party poppin’ and everybody jammed the night away. NoBucks deals kept the spending to a minimal.

We wish we had more fans like this 🙂

More fun- less bucks

We aimed to give people an opportunity to party – NoBucks style- and see how it is possible to Eat, Drink and Party in Cape Town on a budget. Heck, we do it everyday. Just log on to and see how its done.  Thanks to all you beautiful people for comin’ out – Click here to see our Facebook Gallery of all the pics , tag yourself and your friends. We had an amazing time.

Lookin’ forward to the next one.


much love,



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