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Free entrance to the land of Dansville :)

The guys behind Dansville have decided to make their debut on NoBucks with a little competition πŸ™‚

This Friday sees their 24th installment, and NoBucks is ganna send a few of you there for FREE!

Click for facebook's event

Let’s cut to the chase with important details:

Date : 1st April

Place: Blizzard in Durbanville

Line up:

Mix n Blend


MK Ultra

Johnny 12 inch

Stone-Age Citizens


We have 3 slots on the guestlist that are exclusively reserved to NoBucks readers!

Simply tell us which TWO of the above artists played at the recent NoBucks party πŸ™‚

Comp closes Friday noon!

Dunno what Dansville is all about? this video should the trick πŸ™‚

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  1. Mix n Blend and Blitzkrieg!!! at Dizzy’s in Camps Bay if I am not mistaken!!!!

  2. Mix n Blend
    Stone Age Citizen

  3. Definitely Mix n Blend & Blitzkrieg!!

  4. Stone-Age Citizens

    Mix n Blend

  5. Jacques Coetzee

    Mix n Blend & Blitzkrieg

  6. Mix n Blend & MK Ultra!! I wana wiiiiiinnnn plz ^_^


  8. Mix ‘N Blend & Blitzkrieg!
    Can’t wait for Dansville, that video is SICCCCK!

  9. Mix ‘N Blend & Blitzkrieg

  10. Claire, Nick and Amore – you’re on the list for Dansville tonight πŸ™‚

    • YAY, thanks so much! Do we need to do anything / give you anything…you know so that no one just walks in and says they’re us?

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