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The Village’s ‘Spiritual Synaesthesia’ Review

(Reposted from MyCityByNight)

“Doof…doof…doof” – the thought process of your average villager on a Sunday night. Yet these are not mere sound effects, they are recollections of memories of one of the greatest parties to date.

Picture a perfect night, wind-free with comforting warmth. Star-filled skies and bass vibrations flowing freely through the air. I have only just left my car and I already knew that this is it; this would be the reason why the majority of us attend trance parties.

Walking into the middle of Biorhythm’s set proved me right. The epic sound system releasing the most blissful yet dark sensations of psy, the vast amount of people absorbed by such, the ridiculously awesome stage and décor – a perfect beginning to what was going to become an absolute nirvana.

04:00 – Psyclopz comes on, more bass, more tempo, we were slowly getting there.

05:30 – First glimpses of light, smiles all around.

06:30 – BOOM. The perfect sunrise; a favourite part to many, including myself. The transition from night to day had become a symbolic moment for many a trancer, and so I took the next few moments to absorb all that was around me.

Epic Sunrise - (Courtesy of Caterina Toffoli)

The crowd, consisting of good people, positively energized and filled with love for all that was now happening. The music, led by the mad skills of Xatrix. The soothing heat of the new sun, coupled with the most intensely overwhelming beauty that was the scenery. ‘Nothing else matters now ‘ – I told myself, a feeling although considered rare was now seemingly shared by all those around me.

Scenery 🙂 (Courtesy Caterina Toffoli)

Time flied after that, memories were created (and lost for some cough Kreg cough), as Phyx,Skarab, TuneRaider and Headroom owned the stage. People were releasing themselves, literally and figuratively, constantly in-tune with the music, now louder than ever. They created the one thing that was dearly missed by us all:

The perfect trance party.

Perfect music. Perfect weather. Perfect venue. Perfect people, energy, and vibe. No douchebags, no bullshit, never a dull moment; absolutely flawless.

We’re in for helluva seasons.


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